e Grand Prix. Th▓e Paris court announced the decision just hours after Renault confirmed Eric Boullier as its new F1 team principal. It said Briatore had not been given the right to properly defend ▓himself during the FIA inquiry. The court said the decisi▓on to ban him indefinitely had been taken on the basis of an anonymous testimony, while the Ita▓lian's lawyer had not been allowed to question the wit▓ness. Lawyers representing Briatore and the FIA both expressed their views toward

s the decision. While China's export and investment growth remained at a low level in the first quarter,

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y, helping to offset the impact of shrinking foreign demand and w▓eaker investment.As the global economy continues to ▓slow, domestic consumer spending is likely to remain strong in the coming years and has the potential to become the main driver of the Chinese economy.Accordi▓ng to the National Bureau of Statistics, consumptio

n accounted fo▓r 4.3 percentage points of China's 6.1 percent GDP growth, compared wit▓h 0.2 percentage points for net exports and 2 percentage points for investment. Consumption rose to ▓become the largest contributor to China's GDP growth over the period.Meanwhile, retail sales expand

ed 15 percent in the first quarter. After being adjusted for inflation, they grew 15.6 percent year-on-year.The performance of the auto and proper▓ty sectors largely confirmed these figures. Auto sales rose 24.97 percent in April to 1.15 million u

nits, hitting a fresh▓ record and making the country the world's largest auto market

for the fourth consecutive mont▓h, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers reported.Housing sales also rebounded.▓ Industry specialists said the sector's sales volume grew more than 100 pe▓rcent year-on-year in the first quarter in Beijing, Shanghai and ▓Shenz

hen. The government's effo

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ed to have an impact▓.Total sales of these products reached 4 billion yuan in the first quarter, up 72 percent from the previous quarter. Home appliance sales reached 2.24 billion yuan in March alone, while sales grew 17 percent in China's countryside, outpacing▓ urban areas for the first

time.Is this growth sustainable? How about its▓ potential? These questions are important to the sustainability of China's development and the pace of its growth. Consumption is likely to remain a major driving force of the nation's growth.Po▓pulation is also a major factor when it come

s to consumption. The s

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of its market and its consumer▓ potential. There are two aspects that affect the growth of retail sales: populati▓on growth and demographic changes.by Dongying Wang, Rob Welham▓ LONDON, May 21 (Xinhua) -- Britons now can scrap their old cars and drive off a new ▓and more environment-friendly model with a 2,000 pound (3,100 U.S. dollars) discount. This came following the official launch of

a scrappage scheme by the British government early ▓this week, an incentive which has proved successful in ▓many other European countries. Its introduction is highly expected to salvage the British ailing motor industry by boosting consumer confidence and ▓kick-starting demand for new

vehicles. Announced in l

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pound (435 million dollars) scheme wi▓ll run until March 2010 or until the government funding has been exhausted. W▓IDE PARTICIPATION The 2,000 pound grant is made up of 1,000 pounds from the governmen▓t, with matched funding from car manufacturers. Though pa▓rticipation in the sche

me is voluntary for manu

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option has been widely welcomed and supported in Britain. Business Secretary Pete▓r Mandelson has expressed his delight in the response of t▓he motor industry, saying "38 companies have signed up - all the▓ major UK car manufacturers and a number of other companies. This means more choice f

or consumers and a boost for British brands." "The scheme has been met with a flood of enquiries from customers. It will provide a boost to the industry and kick-start sales," he ad▓ded. "The scrappage scheme is good news for consumers and the UK motor industry alike. It has alrea

▓dy started to get peop

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mand in the market," said Pau

l Everitt, chief executive of the Society of Motor Man▓ufacturers and Traders (SMMT). "There has been a good response to the scheme ahead of the official start date and industry is confi▓dent that this will be translated into additional orders," Everitt added. Citron implemented a

 scrappage scheme on Ap

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uncement of the 2009 Budget. The com

pany has seen a 15 percent increase in registrations in April due to the incentive. Ford experienced the same number of hits on its scrappage web page within five days of the Budget announcement on April 22, as it had previously had on its most popular new Ford Fiesta page throug

hout March. More than 15

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rers from around the world are gathering at the Shanghai 2009 Auto Show. The biennial event opened Monday and runs until April 28th. Ailing world automakers showca▓sed their new designs amid hopes of a quick revival in the Chinese market.The Shangha▓i auto show will see 13 models m

aking their world debuts

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with 25 new models on display. This year's show will set records for t▓he number of exhibitors and number of new models. Nigel ▓Harris, GM of Changan Ford Automobile Company said "It's a key strategic market for Ford Auto▓mobile Company, and if you look at the size of the industry

and this year it is tra